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  About Us  
  Introduction :  
We are very much pleased to introduce M/s. PLASTOMECH EQUIPMENTS PVT. LTD. (PEPL) as new production house in plastic blow & injection moulding industry in the market.

As a plastics blow & injection moulding manufacturer, we specialize in custom and proprietary blow-moulded bottles, containers and shapes. Here at PEPL, we are dedicated to a world class quality management system which allows us to provide superb customer service and quick turn-around for short-to-medium production runs. From large diameter to small diameter and in a wide variety of configurations, we're capable of blow & injection moulding for just about every application and level of complexity. In addition to offering extrusion blow moulding and secondary operations, we also are in continuous production in injection moulded goods with latest machines to compete in the fast moving market.
  Backgrounds :  
At PEPL, we have over 30+ years of accumulated knowledge of M/S. POLYMECHPLAST MACHINES LTD (A giant name in Injection & blow moulding machine manufacturer) as our parent company that we bring to every blow & injection moulded project to provide best output.
  Experience :  
Under the guidance of Mr. Himmatlal Bhuva Director of M/S. POLYMECHPLAST MACHINES LTD having 30+ years of experience of blow & injection moulding machines, a vast experience of his successful career and guidance has provoked us to enter in to manufacturing. Also other associated people who are a part of PEPL, Mr. Savan H. Bhuva having technical knowhow of plastics is an asset of the company.
  We have with us a team of well experience staff who expertise in the field of :  
Procurement Production Accounting Marketing Inventory
A special cell for after sales service looking for feedback of products sold and who is in constant touch with the clients for development of new products looking to the demand in the market.
  Financial Statement :  
  M/s. PEPL is an upcoming plastic moulding unit having 30+ years vast experience and strong financial background.  
  Mould Design :  
Design engineering and moulding expertise for custom products are hallmarks of our company. By taking advantage of an experienced staff and state of the art equipment, we've streamlined our custom blow & injection moulding processes to ensure that we can provide low cost, high quality blow & injection moulding solutions to our customers. Whether your project involves unique shapes, specialized features, innovative finishes – or just about anything else you can dream up, we'll work with you to develop an economical solution that meets your objectives and needs. If your project can be blow moulded, we can find a way to do it.
  Quality :  
Our goal is to assure that the products we produce meet or exceed our customer's requirements at all times. We achieve this goal by providing support to production throughout the manufacturing process.  We are continuously working to fully comply with processes and procedures outlined to obtain in ISO 9002 certification standards.
Becoming registered means we will adhere to a Quality Management Systems (QMS) framework and set of principles that ensure we consistently deliver products that meet our customers' specifications, comply with statutory and regulatory guidelines and reduce risks and operating costs
The emphasis on quality permeates through all levels of our facility. Operators are key elements in monitoring the level of quality during the manufacturing process. Other components of our quality system include audit points at regular intervals to assure that customer requirements are being maintained.
Here at PEPL we strive to develop, produce and deliver the highest quality products and services in our industry.
  “If you need it, we will find a way to do it.”  
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